Adult film star Dallas Steele, a TitanMen exclusive, recently explained why he traded an anchor desk for an opportunity to become a gay porn star.

Jim Walker worked at Fox, NBC and CBS. In 2013, he ditched his news career and eventually started a career in porn.

In an interview with TitanMen, Steele (Walker's stage name) said that he did not miss the pressure of daily ratings.

“I left the business in 2013 after my boss in Southwest Florida told me that research had shown 'people here just don't like you,'” he said. “Add to that, the immense pressure of daily ratings where your job is virtually on the line every single day.”

He added that he's ignoring critics who say the adult film industry isn't for men over the age of 40.

“They've obviously decided at some point that there are limitations about who you can be and what you can do once you hit 40,” Steele said. “Sorry if the haters have decided that gays over forty are supposed to put on the board shorts, move to the suburbs and settle down to bridge parties once per week.”