Barry Jenkins, the director of the gay drama Moonlight, told Reuters that Donald Trump is too “dense” to understand race relations and LGBT rights.

In Moonlight, which Jenkins wrote and directed, Trevante Rhodes plays an African-American man who struggles to come out gay over three periods of his life while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami.

Jenkins told Reuters that the antidote to America's racial issues is greater awareness and visibility of the types of people depicted in his film.

“If we had more representations like this [in film], I think we might not be as far apart on some of these issues as we find ourselves right now,” Jenkins said.

“If there's any disconnect amongst citizens in my country right now is the fact that we don't see each other often enough. And [when] we don't see each other often enough, we create interpretations … of who we think these people are.”

“You know, there's a candidate running for president right now who probably doesn't know anybody like the people he disparages quite often. I think if he could actually see them … Well, him, he's very dense, so maybe if he saw them it wouldn't matter, but I do think we need to fill the vacuum of these people we talk about but don't actually really know,” he added.