Stand-up comedian, writer and actor Norm Macdonald said this week that he cannot acknowledge that he's gay because he's deeply closeted.

Macdonald appeared on Larry King Now to promote his memoir Based on a True Story: A Memoir.

The 57-year-old Macdonald also stars in the upcoming Netflix comedy series #Girlboss, which is slated for release next year.

When asked by host Larry King to name something people don't know about him, Macdonald answered: “I'm [a] deeply closeted gay guy.”

“No kidding,” a stunned King responded. “That means you're gay.”

“I wouldn't say that. Why would I say that? I'm deeply closeted,” Macdonald answered.

“But doesn't that mean you're gay?”

“Hey, hey, hey easy buddy!” Macdonald said with a smile.