Prior to Thursday's third and final presidential debate, conservative radio host Michael Savage called on Donald Trump to ask Hillary Clinton about her “lesbian lovers” as described in a recent National Enquirer story.

The Trump-aligned supermarket tabloid on Wednesday published a “world exclusive 9-page special investigation” into Trump's rival.

“[Her fixer] arranged a lesbian romp for bi-sexual Hillary with a prominent Hollywood identity!” the paper wrote. “[He] squealed about a lusty rendezvous he arranged for Hillary that FINALLY proves the lesbian rumors that have dogged her for decades!”

Savage told his audience that Trump should use the story during the debate.

“All he’s got to do is say, 'Look, yesterday a big publication came out in the National Enquirer from a man who worked for you for many years which says that you had many women lovers while your husband was president, is that still true?' It would bring the house down. Tell me it wouldn’t bring the house down. 'Do you still like women in that way?' Nothing wrong with it. We’re not saying it’s morally wrong, we’re asking you if you still like women after what your husband did to you. He could even leave it that way, now that I think about it,” Savage said.

Savage said that moderator Chris Wallace – whom he nicknamed “Meatloaf Jr.” – “would have a stroke on the stage” if Trump asked Clinton about the allegations but “the audience would love it.”

Trump did not follow Savage's advice.