Actor Garrett Clayton, who plays a young man doing gay porn in King Cobra, has refused to talk about his personal life.

Clayton (Teen beach, Teen Beach 2) plays gay porn star Brent Corrigan in the James Franco-produced King Cobra about the real-life murder of adult film producer Bryan Kocis (named Stephen in the film and played by Christian Slater).

In an interview with Michigan gay weekly PrideSource, Clayton was asked whether he felt pressure to acknowledge his sexuality and how he responded to people who criticize him for not discussing his private life.

“I mean, they probably would feel a lot differently if people were calling them and saying, 'So tell me: What you do in your bedroom every day?' This is my job. And I'm happy to promote my work. And I'm happy to stand up for things I believe in. If people can't see the positivity in that, then I think that's up to them. You can have Mother Teresa giving food out and somebody will find something negative to say,” Clayton answered.

“I moved out to LA to have a career where I got to play characters and focus on work and do all these awesome things, and I'm getting to do that now. I just don't think it's pertinent to talk about my personal life. I don't think it adds to the work; it just distracts from it,” he said.

Clayton added that he gained a lot of sympathy for people in the adult industry from playing the part.

“A lot of times society is so harsh on people who do work in porn, and they're so judged and scrutinized, and yet they're so accepted because porn drives the Internet, and people watch it so consistently, and it's a multi-billion dollar industry. When you're done working in it, though, people shun you. They just treat people who work in this industry poorly, and yet they're watching them alone in their bedroom, supporting them. You can't pick and choose. You either are open-minded, or you're not,” Clayton said.