Singer and actor Cher blasted Donald Trump in an interview with the AP.

Cher, who over the summer helped raise $1.5 million for Hillary Clinton, said that she could not “back every play” of Clinton.

“I can't back every play,” Cher said. “I also know that they have been gunning for her since before they got into the White House.”

“She's not perfect but I think she will be a great president. And I think that our country is almost ungovernable – it's like a puzzle with too many pieces. I would bet on her because she's really strong, and I think she'll work like crazy. … She won't do things that will devastate us for the rest of my life.”

Cher's opinion of Trump, on the other hand, was unflattering.

“He does not deserve any kind of respect, loyalty. I don't think he has two moral fibers to rub together. He wants to be the king; he doesn't want to do the work. … He doesn't know anything about anything. I'll call my friend Vladimir [Putin] and he'll tell me what to do,” Cher said.

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