Caitlyn Jenner on Friday responded to North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory's assertion that Jenner cannot use the locker room of her choice in public.

During a debate on Tuesday, McCrory once again defended House Bill 2, which he signed into law in March. HB2 blocks cities and municipalities from enacting measures that protect the LGBT community and prohibits transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice in government buildings and schools.

When moderator Chuck Todd of NBC News asked which restroom Caitlyn Jenner, possibly the world's most famous transgender person, should use, McCrory said that in public she should use the men's room.

“If [Jenner] is going to a shower facility at UNC Chapel Hill after running around the track, she's going to use the men's shower,” McCrory said.

Jenner responded on Instagram by captioning an awkward photo of McCrory with “So I'm supposed to use the same shower as this guy?? Gross!”

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