A year after publicly coming out gay, YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen says that it has changed her life.

“[Coming out has changed my life] fundamentally at a core level, because it really has been a stepping stone to dig deeper into who I am, what I care about, you know, where I want my life to go, where I want to see the direction of the world and how I can contribute to that,” Nilsen told NBC Out's Brooke Sopelsa.

Sopelsa asked Nilsen, 27, to explain what she meant when she said that coming out had been both “amazing and ugly.”

“It's amazing because of that awakening that you go through,” she answered. “You know, I'm able to live my truth. And I feel really great about that and to have so many great people in my life that support me.”

“I think something that isn't talked about that much with coming out is the grappling with letting go of a past life and a past self,” Nilsen added.

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