Tyler Glenn, the frontman for the Utah-based rock band Neon Trees who came out gay in 2014 with the tweet “I'm a happy and healthy Mormon gay pop star,” says he's had suicidal thoughts.

In an interview with Michigan gay weekly PrideSource, Glenn, 32, said that his church's vocal opposition to LGBT rights – last year it said gay members were no longer welcome – has provoked thoughts of “leaving.”

“When were you having these suicidal thoughts and what kept you from taking your life?” Glenn was asked.

“To be honest, it was earlier this year,” Glenn answered. “For me, I believed in Mormonism, and I knew I was gay, and then I tried to merge the two together. Then, when the church put out a policy that clearly put same-sex couples in their place and in a marginalized box, it was just clear to me it was a toxic space. I started looking at things that I thought I knew were true my whole life and really began to see that those things weren't true. I looked deeper and I fell down a rabbit hole. I felt the rug had been pulled out from under me, and I didn't know what to believe in. It became really dark, and I realized how it feels to want to sort of, you know, leave. And, to be honest, even two months ago I felt this thought and saw my life sort of – I don't know. It's been a long road. I totally recognize now what it's like to be that dark and to think that that might be an option, and it freaked me out. “

On his solo debut album Excommunication, Glenn deals with some of his feelings.

“So, I feel really bonded to my gayness,” Glenn said. “I feel really bonded to the community more than I ever have, and I'm really exploring that. That, I think, is one of the most rewarding things about this record so far for me.”