Out actor Denis O'Hare on Saturday talked about coming out and the high cost of being closeted.

O'Hare, who came out gay in high school, was honored over the weekend with the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Visibility Award at its 35th annual New England Gala Dinner + Auction.

“I've had to come out so many times in my life,” O'Hare, 54, said in accepting his award. “ I repeatedly have to come out as gay. Recently I had to come out as a Hillary Clinton supporter. I've had to come out as an atheist. I've had to come out as a sober person. And these are all parts of me.”

“I wasn't sure I wanted to do it. It scared me.”

“And this coming out is fraught. And it's risky. And it's costly. But the price of being inauthentic is much higher. The pain of living a lie is much, much worse,” O'Hare added.

O'Hare is best known for playing vampire Russell Edgington on HBO's True Blood and his performances in the plays Take Me Out and Sweet Charity. He's also received critical acclaim for his roles in the FX series American Horror Story.

O'Hare married Hugo Redwood in 2011. Together they are raising their adopted son, Declan.