Ken Bone, the undecided voter who became an Internet star after posing a question at Sunday's presidential debate, said during an appearance that he supports marriage equality.

Bone, who works in the fossil fuel industry, gained tens of thousands of followers on Twitter immediately after his participation in the debate.

Joining Jimmy Kimmel from St. Louis, Bone said that he supports Donald Trump's economic policy but disagrees with the Republican's opposition to legal recognition of the marriages of gay and lesbian couples.

“I would really hate for anyone’s rights to be taken back,” Bone said. “We fought so hard to get marriage equality and to get rights expanded to more Americans and I couldn't – it would be unconscionable for me to see those taken away by a Supreme Court justice appointed by Donald Trump.”

Bone, who is raising a preteen son with his wife, also told Kimmel that audience members were sequestered for 14 hours prior to the debate.