Christian conservative group One Million Moms has deleted a post in which they incorrectly described a female boxer as a transgender woman.

In the post, titled H&M is PC in Newest Commercial, the group calls for a boycott of H&M over a commercial it released last week which features a range of women modeling H&M clothing, including Fatima Pinto, a martial arts (Muay Thai) champion. The ad also includes a kiss between two young women.

“1MM is not sure of H&M clothing company's thought process behind their new television ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers and families, they have succeeded,” the group wrote.

The commercial “includes what appears to be a man dressed as a woman.”

“Parents find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary especially since H&M's target market is teens.”

“H&M Marketing Team may have thought this type of advertising was politically correct, but not only is it disgusting and confusing for children, it is pushing the LGBT agenda,” the group added.

The group pulled the post after bloggers pointed out that the “man dressed as a woman” was Pinto, who is not transgender. The group seems to have overlooked model Hari Nef, who briefly appears in the ad and is transgender.