Out country music artist Brandon Stansell on Monday premiered the video for Slow Down, which features vocals from Ty Herndon.

In the video, the character played by Stansell is picked up by a man in a pickup truck as he sits on the side of a dusty road. When the man's truck breaks down, the pair walk into the desert, where they find an abandoned trailer. They spend the day practicing hitting targets with a BB gun. At night they hug before the man goes off to his trailer, and Stansell's character soon follows. The following day, they walk holding hands in the desert.

“[Slow Down] is less about taking relationships slow and more about holding onto those initial feelings of attraction without over-complicating them,” Stansell told TheBoot.com about the song. “So many times, people get wrapped up in making sure that everything makes sense that they forget to enjoy the person that is right in front of them.”

“We shot [the Slow Down music video] over the course of two days, but every minute spent off camera was working to set up the next shot and/or trying not to sweat to death in the 100-degree heat of Joshua Tree, Calif. It was exhausting, but it was also so much fun,” explained Stansell. “I always end up picking up weird skills on set, too, and this shoot was no exception. For example, I am now a pretty good shot with a BB gun. I had never used one of these things before, but with a little coaching from the talented Rich Hill, who plays opposite me, I was picking off cans left and right!”

Ty Herndon, who came out gay in 2014, is featured on the track.

Stansell's video for his first single Dear John was about heartbreak.