Singer and actor Cher talked about her support for Hillary Clinton at the One Young World event in Ontario, Canada.

“She screwed up and that's for sure,” Cher said of Clinton. “But I've known her for a long time and I think that she will do her best. She's a politician, but she will do her best.”

“And if you look at her from the beginning of her life to now, she's worked hard for people. If you see how people felt about her as a senator from New York – I helped her in the campaign.”

“And I know a different side of her. I know a really warm side of her,” Cher said.

On Donald Trump, Clinton's GOP rival, Cher said that his campaign had “traumatized” her.

“He's an asshole,” she said to applause. “He's such dangerous. I don't know how he is a candidate, he is so dangerous. And what he has awakened in my country is bigotry and distrust and a certain kind of supremacy in certain groups. And he lies.”

“He tells something and then you go back and see what he said and it seems like the truth both times. He's so terrific at lying,” Cher added.

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