A Christian group founded by suspended Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has blamed a drag queen for his effective ouster.

A nine-member court on Friday suspended Moore without pay for the remainder of his term, which ends in 2019. Because of his age, 69, Moore cannot run for the office again.

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The Foundation for Moral Law, which Moore founded and led until he was reelected to the state's highest court, is helmed by Moore's wife, Kayla Moore.

In a press release, Kayla Moore claimed that an “unelected group of people, mostly Democrats, have overturned an election of the people of Alabama.”

“All these efforts are being led by a guy who dresses up like a woman and prances around on the stage,” she added, a reference to Ambrosia Starling, a drag queen who called for Moore's removal.

At a Montgomery rally in January, Starling said: “The message that I would personally like to send to Roy Moore today is that bullying and discrimination are not ministerial duties. Taking people's civil rights is not a ministerial duty. It is the duty of a judge to treat all citizens of their state and their nation equally and fairly. We would not be here today if Roy Moore was a fair and unbiased judge.”

In denouncing his critics, Moore singled out Starling, telling reporters at a press conference that Starling was a person who only a few years ago would have been diagnosed with gender confusion disorder.