In an interview with VICE Sports, professional skateboarder Brian Anderson revealed publicly for the first time that he's gay.

The 40-year-old Anderson won the World Cup of Skateboarding title in Dortmund, Germany in 1999. The same year, he won Thrasher's Skater of the Year award.

A few minutes into the 26-minute VICE Sports special, Anderson says: “My name is Brian Anderson. I'm a professional skateboarder. And we are here to talk about the fact that I am gay.”

“I never thought I would sit here and talk about being gay on camera, but I wanted to,” Anderson said.

He said that he wanted to show LGBT youth who are struggling with their sexuality that it gets better.

“I think about how I felt when I was younger – totally scared. A lot of these kids don’t have hope. … To hear what I went through and how everything got better for me and how I felt a lot happier and felt more free and didn’t have all this shame buried inside my body…to convey that message was really important to me,” he added.