A Roman Catholic church in Providence, Rhode Island is the latest congregation to fire a gay employee.

According to NBC 10, Michael Templeton, the music director at St. Mary's, was fired over his 2015 marriage to another man.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin told NBC 10 that Templeton's actions left the church “no choice but to respond.”

“If an individual deliberately and knowingly enters into a relationship or engages in activity that contradicts the core teachings of the church, that individual leaves the church no choice but to respond,” Tobin said.

Templeton said that he has left the parish.

“It no longer feels like a place where I can feel safe and continue my spiritual journey,” he said. “I do pray for the community, the pastor and the bishop, however.”

He added that it would be a “lie” to say that he did not see this coming, because “I think we are all aware of what the hierarchy teaches,” a reference to the Catholic Church's opposition to same-sex relationships.

While a large majority of Catholics (60% according a 2013 poll) support marriage equality, more than 60 LGBT people have reported losing their jobs at Catholic institutions since 2010, according to New Ways Ministry, a Catholic LGBT group.