Chile's President Michelle Bachelet promised on Wednesday that her government would introduce a bill giving gay and lesbian couples access to marriage in the first half of 2017.

“My government has committed to submit to Congress a bill on marriage equality during the first half of 2017,” Bachelet said during a United Nations General Assembly panel on LGBT rights.

“Furthermore, it will also consider governmental support for several measures destined to strengthen the rights of the LGBT community, including reforms to anti-discrimination laws,” she added.

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Chile legalized civil unions for gay couples last year.

Gay couples can marry in several Latin American nations, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and a handful of Mexican states.

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Bachelet campaigned on a promise of greater rights for the LGBT community. Campaigners backed the civil unions bill introduced by Bachelet's predecessor in part because they did not believe Bachelet would follow through on her promise to back same-sex marriage.