Evolve Media, which owns lesbian website AfterEllen, has denied that the site is closing on Friday after 14 yeas.

News of the “effective closure” came in a blog post written by Editor-in-Chief Trish Bendix.

“After 14 years, AfterEllen as we know it will be effectively shutting down as of Friday,” Bendix wrote on her personal tumblr, where she also announced her departure.

Evolve Media, Bendix said, “has decided to keep the site and its archives alive for now, with a promise of periodically publishing freelance pieces in the future.”

Bendix said that Evolve Media gave the site two years to become profitable after it purchased the property from Viacom.

“They gave us two fiscal years to become their LGBT property and profit in that space, and they found we are not as profitable as moms and fashion,” she wrote. “And, yes, 'they' are mainly white heterosexual men, which is important to note because not only is this the story for us, but for a lot of other properties – large-scale media outlets, lesbian bars out-priced by neighborhoods they helped establish, housing in queer meccas like Portland that is being turned into condos and AirBNBs.”

In an email to The Advocate, Evolve Media President Brian Fitzgeral denied that the site was shuttering.

“The site is not shutting down,” he wrote. “[Bendix's] absence is not 'effectively shutting down.'”

Evolve Media did say that the site's performance did not “justify continuing to invest at the same levels” as before.

Bendix added in her post that she was “overcome with loss” over the loss of AfterEllen as it was known.

“[B]ut not jut for me, for my community. For every single woman who has ever come up to me, tweeted us, sent us an email or a Facebook message or written a blog post about how much AfterEllen has meant to them at some point in their life, I am grieving this with you. We had so much ahead of us – more than ever before – and I'm sorry there won't be an opportunity for us to do that work together.”