EJ Johnson, the son of NBA star Magic Johnson, says in a new interview with BET.com that he does not identify his gender in “any specific way.”

Johnson, also the star of his own E! reality series, EJNYC, covers The Big Story, BET.com's new digital magazine.

“I don't really identify any specific way,” Johnson answered when asked how he would describe his gender identity. “I know there’s a lot of terms and things like that that are going on but I just do me and that’s all I can really say about myself. I wear what I want to wear and I do what I want to do and I think everyone should do that. I think everyone should just live life the way that you want to live it and if you identify as some certain way or as some certain gender term that makes you comfortable, then by all means use it and own it. For me, I just live fluid. I just do me and there’s really no other way to explain it.”

“You don't identify as male or female?”

“I certainly identify as male but I still wear what I want to wear and do what I want to do, and that may confuse some people but I just, uh, do me,” he answered.

Johnson, who came out gay in 2013, was also asked whether he has experienced homophobia.

“Oh, certainly. People write terrible things on my social media all the time – every day. You just can’t escape it. It doesn’t bother me because I’m still living my truth and living my life. It’s not going to hinder me from doing me, but it’s just sad that people are so disturbed by something that they feel the need to make ugly comments and think they’re going to break me down. Why is me living my life keeping you up at night? You need to be getting your eight hours because I get mine, regardless of what you’re saying. Like, I’m sleeping and waking up cute! [Laughs] So what’s your problem?” he said.