Former presidential candidate Ben Carson on Wednesday endorsed Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu's congressional campaign.

Last month, Babeu won the Republican primary in Arizona's 1st Congressional District.

“Sheriff Paul Babeu is a man of incredible character who knows how to secure our border and keep Arizonans safe,” Carson said in a statement. “I know when he gets to Congress he will work tirelessly to improve our economy and bring real border security to America. I know Sheriff Babeu will do a great job representing Arizona in Congress and he has my full support.”

Babeu's campaign has largely focused on immigration and protecting coal jobs.

A previous attempt to reach the House in 2012 imploded amid allegations that Babeu threatened to deport a former boyfriend if he discussed their relationship. Jose Orozco's undocumented status, which he claimed Babeu was aware of, ran contrary to Babeu's get-tough stance on illegal immigration. Babeu instead sought re-election as sheriff and was later exonerated of any criminal charges.

A new ad released last week targets Babeu's tenure running a boarding school. The spot uses clips from an ABC15 investigation which aired in 2012 that shows Babeu in a home video praising the school's discipline policies. After state official shut down the DeSisto School, Babeu repeatedly denied that he was aware of the school's extreme punishments. The 30-second spot was created by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Carson has also endorsed Donald Trump's bid for the White House.