Appearing on an NBC Out panel, out singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge said that Donald Trump is a product of the entertainment industry.

Etheridge was asked by Brooke Sopelsa to explain her support for Hillary Clinton, Trump's Democratic rival for the White House.

“Because starting a few months ago I realized that 2016 is being directed by Quentin Tarantino,” Etheridge answered, referring to the Hollywood director.

“Our entertainment industry created that,” she said of Trump's campaign. “Our electorial system became a TV show.”

“I met Donald Trump at a gay wedding. But he stands there and … he says we're going to roll back the gay rights and the whole thing. He is pandering to people watching TV.”

“They are afraid; it's fear. They are afraid of anything that's different than this very narrow life that they lead,” Etheridge said, adding that you combat fear with love.

“I'm actually grateful for Donald Trump running for president, because it brings all of this right up to the surface. … We're talking about … that person is going to ruin your children [instead of the economy], or whatever they think we still do; I don't know.”

Etheridge added that she believes Clinton will win in a landslide.