In a fundraising letter this week, Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), claimed that President Barack Obama is foisting a “secular Left” agenda on the world that includes “normalizing pedophilia.”

Brown was recently elected president of the World Congress of Families (WCF), an international network of social conservative groups.

In a fundraising letter for the group, Brown warned that the “secular Left” is bent on undermining the “natural family.”

“All around the world, we see liberal secularists using the power of government to seek to undermine the natural family,” Brown wrote. “Urged on by wealthy elites, western powers – especially Barack Obama – demand that nations change their laws and policies in profoundly unwise and dangerous ways to embrace the agenda of the secular left – abortion on demand, an abandonment of marriage, acceptance of polygamy, normalizing pedophilia, transgenderism, stripping children of their inherent right to a mother and a father, etc.”

“While we've accomplished a tremendous amount over the years, the truth is that WCF can't continue to hold off the forces of darkness, and put them into retreat unless we are able to expand and grow.”

“This is a pivotal time in history for the natural family. Good people around the globe are willing to resist the demands of the secular left and the pressures of western powers to change their cultures and policies. But they need the leadership of WCF to continue to be effective and to help sustain the worldwide movement in support of the natural family,” he added.