The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) honored actor Colton Haynes with its Visibility Award over the weekend in Seattle.

In accepting the award, Haynes, 28, pledged to be a role model to LGBT youth.

“I will accept this award as a promise,” Haynes said. “My promise is simple and real, and I'm not making it to you. I want to make my promise to the next generation of lesbian and gay men, bisexuals and transgender youth.”

“I hope my example will give them the confidence and hope to be who they are too, and to conquer their own fears and hesitation. I want to give them just a little more courage to know they are loved just as they are, and to know they will grow up beautiful and strong and proud.”

“I can’t promise them it will be easy or painless. I know they will have some dark places, and fears holding them back. Sometimes we listen to the wrong voices, the ones that tell you that 'you can’t,' or 'you shouldn’t.' We all do.”

“We have to listen to our own voices and our own hearts. I hope that every young person will know they are not alone. There are many of us – exactly like them – who love them unconditionally and who know that being open and honest makes all the difference,” Haynes added.

Best known for his roles as Jackson Whittemore in MTV's Teen Wolf and Roy Harper/Arsenal in The CW's Arrow, Haynes officially came out in May.

“This is for all my incredible fans & hope I can inspire y'all to be yourselves even though I hid for so long,” Haynes wrote in thanking HRC for the honor on Instagram.