Christian conservative Bryan Fischer on Thursday decried name-calling, a day after he called LGBT activists “Christophobes.”

Fischer made his remarks on his AFA-sponsored radio show, Focal Point.

“Name-calling is the first refuge of a man without an argument,” Fischer told listeners. “So, when somebody starts calling you a name, that's an indication they know they are out of intellectual ammunition. They cannot defend their position.”

A day earlier, however, Fischer, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, called liberals “intolerant” and “cruel.”

“There's no tolerance there on the Left,” Fischer said. “They say they're the voices and the paragons of tolerance and compassion. They are anything but. They're cruel, they're mean-spirited and they're hateful. You want to know where the hate is in the whole discussion about homosexuality? It's on the Left! They are the haters. They are the bigots. They are the anti-Christian haters; they're Christophobes. Virtually every last one of them.”