While making its festival run, Save Me drew big audience cheers. At Sundance and then again at Outfest, audiences heaped lavished praise on the film – that is, after the tears ended. Now the film will make its theatrical debut in New York City Friday.

Director Robert Cary's Save Me is a sobering look at the culture war that continues to brew between evangelical Christians in the ex-gay movement and the gay men and women they seek to "cure".

Mark, played by Chad Allen (St. Elsewhere, Donald Strachey Mysteries), is addicted to drugs and sex. The sex Mark is addicted to happens to be gay. After a violent overdose, he finds himself at the mercy of his disapproving family, who blame homosexuality for his problems. Mark is sent to Genesis, a Christian run ministry overseen by Gayle, played by Judith Light (Who's The Boss?, Ugly Betty), and her loving husband Ted, where he is to be "cured" of his “gay affliction.”

But as Mark begins to respond to Genesis, he also happens to meet Scott, Robert Gant (Queer As Folk). Their unexpected romance threatens more than only Mark's salvation.

The film rejects standard pro-gay fare of stereotyped bigots. Gayle is portrayed as a compassionate Christian motivated not by hate, but more likely guilt.

Time Out London said the film “is up there with Brokeback Mountain as one of the most powerful gay dramas in recent years.”

On the net: The Save Me website is at www.savememovie.com.

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