Out Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday that he sought our Anderson Cooper's advice on coming out gay.

Cook said that he “thought that the way [Cooper] handled his announcement was really classy.”

“I was getting advice from people who I thought were really great people who really deeply thought about it,” he said.

Cook said that he met with the CNN anchor “multiple” times.

Cook and Cooper were unofficially out – neither denied rumors about their sexuality – prior to coming out and both came out in writing; Cooper in a 2012 email exchange with Andrew Sullivan and Cook in a 2014 Bloomberg Business Week op-ed.

Cook's editorial echoed similar sentiments offered by Cooper, such as putting work before personal life and wanting to make a difference for kids who are struggling with their sexuality.

“They thought they couldn't achieve anything,” Cook told the Post about messages he's received from hundreds of young people. “They couldn't do anything. They were seeing the national discourse around it and feeling isolated and depressed. And I just thought – I've got to do something. … I thought it would minimally say you can do pretty good in this world and be gay.”