Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen star in a Bud Light commercial which features a transgender person.

The 30-second spot debuted Monday.

In the ad, titled Labels, the characters played by Schumer and Rogen are campaigning for the Bud Light Party, promising to address the issues that matter.

“We are going to bring America together. Hard,” Schumer says from behind a podium.

Transgender actor Ian Harvie is seen in the crowd cheering the candidates.

“Gender identity. It's really a spectrum,” Schumer shouts from atop a horse at a rodeo. “And we don't need these labels!”

Harvie told NBC Out that he was honored to be included in the project.

“If we're not at the table, then we're on the menu,” he said in an email. “So, I'm honored, as an out proud trans person, to be included in such a huge project as Bud Light's new and inclusive ad campaign.”

LGBT rights advocates applauded the move.

“When a brand like Bud Light shows support for the transgender community, it makes a difference,” said Nick Adams, director of transgender media at GLAAD. “Not only does it help bring more visibility to the trans community, it also inspires other companies to do more to show their support.”

Earlier this year, Schumer and Rogen starred in a separate Bud Light ad in which they toasted a male gay couple at their wedding.