The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has called results of its latest fundraising drive “pathetic.”

NOM is the largest group dedicated to repealing the Supreme Court's 2015 finding that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry. In the years leading up to the ruling, NOM's president, Brian Brown, repeatedly predicted that increasing support for marriage equality in the United States would not result in nationwide marriage rights for gay couples. A year after the high court's ruling, Brown continues to claim that his group has a plan to reverse it.

In 2011, NOM vowed to roll back marriage equality in New York in four years.

“NOM began our critical Summer Membership Drive on July 22nd,” Brown said in a letter to supporters. “We're now three weeks into our drive – the halfway point – and we have only received 256 contributions from our members. We're only 17% toward our goal of receiving 1,500 membership contributions of at last $35. That is pathetic.”

With such “pathetic” results, NOM cannot “lobby the next President and the US Senate to only appoint and confirm Supreme Court justices who will reverse the illegitimate and anti-constitution ruling redefining marriage,” Brown said.

It should be pointed out that NOM backed Texas Senator Ted Cruz's presidential aspirations, not those of Donald Trump, the Republican nominee.

“I really don't believe – I just can't imagine the thought – that NOM's members have quit fighting for the institution of marriage as a union between man and woman. And yet, only 256 of you have responded with an urgently needed membership contribution during this critical period,” Brown said, adding that unless 1,500 people “step up … we'll have no choice but to lay people off, cut programs and stop pursuing some of our most important work.”

Right Wing Watch points out: “Regardless of what kind of response NOM’s shaming email brings in, Brown will have plenty of anti-equality work to keep him busy, as he recently became president of the World Congress of Families, a network of organizations dedicated to resisting LGBT equality and preserving anti-gay discrimination around the world.”