Kim Shappley on Tuesday made an emotional plea to school officials in Pearland, Texas to let her transgender daughter use the girls' bathroom when she starts kindergarten.

“Please understand I'm not fighting about bathrooms, I'm fighting about her life, I'm fighting about her well-being,” Shappley said of her daughter, Kai, during a city school board meeting. “I'm fighting for her happiness. I'm fighting for her future.”

Kai, 5, has lived as a girl since she was three. Kim Shappley said that Pearland Independent School District officials have told her that her daughter will not be allowed to use the girls' bathroom when school starts. Officials have said that transgender students are allowed to use a private bathroom located in the nurse's station and gender-neutral bathrooms located in kindergarten classrooms.

“Every person that has a degree who has studied this says that it is wrong to tell my child, for anyone to tell my child, that she cannot use the facility that aligns with the gender she identifies with,” Shappley told the school board.

In an AP interview, Shappley said that accepting her child's gender identity was a “challenge.”

“I really thought that this was wrong and I thought that this didn't happen to Christians,” she said.

She added that her thinking “transitioned” when she heard her daughter praying for God to take home Joseph, Kai's birthname.

“It was my heart that had to change. It was my mind that had to change. It was my behavior that had to change,” Shappley said.