In an interview with Logo from the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Chelsea Clinton spoke about how she influenced her parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, on LGBT rights.

Chelsea Clinton said that getting engaged to her now husband Marc Mezvinsky gave her an opportunity to talk to her parents about how unfair it was that many of her friends who happen to be gay or lesbian could not marry.

“When I got engaged to my now husband Marc, it gave just sort of an additional impetus for me to talk to my parents a lot about this – 'You know, I get to marry my best friend.,'” Clinton said. “And I think just continuing to humanize that. And also, so many of my friends are LGBT. And so many of my friends wanted to get married. I think even more powerfully was hearing from my friends they hope to be able to have the same story that my parents had had, that Marc and I were going to have; is really what made a difference.”

“Do you think that we'll see an openly LGBT president in your lifetime?” Raymond Braun asked.

“I hope so,” Clinton answered. “I hope that our leadership reflects our country. Because we know that the potential is not solely the province of men or straight people or white people ...”