In an interview with gay glossy The Advocate, actor Raul Castillo said that he hopes that his Looking character will lead to greater diversity in Hollywood.

HBO on Saturday aired Looking: The Movie, the feature length film that ties up loose ends from the sudden cancellation of the gay drama Looking after two seasons on the premium cable network.

The series revolved around three gay men living in San Francisco. Castillo played a love interest for Jonathan Groff's character in the show.

As a straight man playing a gay role, Castillo, a Mexican-American, said that he's “come up against some discomfort, on the part of people that I grew up with, people in my family,” though he added that he was “surprised by the level of support” he received from his family about playing a gay Mexican-American barber on the show.

Castillo added that he hopes Hollywood will become more inclusive when it comes to characters who are LGBT and of color.

“We're going to have to suffer through many losses for every win that we get, but I think there's a lot of people out there in the trenches making it work,” Castillo said.