Looking stars Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey recently discussed being out in Hollywood and how it has affected their careers.

HBO on Saturday aired Looking: The Movie, the feature length film that ties up loose ends from the sudden cancellation of the gay drama Looking after two seasons on the premium cable network.

The series revolved around three gay men living in San Francisco, including Groff. Tovey played a love interest for Groff's character in the show.

In an interview with gay blog Queerty, Groff and Tovey were asked how being out has affected their careers.

“I never imagined when I came out that work would be better for me, that the experience of being an actor and getting work would improve,” Groff said.

“I haven't experience [homophobia in Hollywood], either, but I know others who have,” Tovey said. “Being a gay actor has actually opened up horizons for me, too, like with Looking. It has been an advantage, totally.”

Groff added that their experiences had a lot to do with timing. “Had it been 10 years earlier or 20 years earlier, it might have been different,” he said.