A day after the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC) said that a resolution on same-sex marriage had failed, the church announced on Tuesday that the resolution had been approved.

After hearing from more than 60 speakers, more than 200 delegates attending the ACC's General Synod in Toronto voted Monday on the resolution. It failed by one vote.

Supporters questioned the results and requested a copy of the voting record.

“#GS2016: voting error reveals that the General Secretary's vote was not counted as clergy. There was, in fact, a 2/3 clergy majority,” the ACC tweeted.

A second vote in favor at the next synod in 2019 is needed before the resolution becomes church law.

But several bishops said Tuesday that they have no plans on waiting that long, saying that the church's current marriage cannon does not specifically prohibit solemnizing marriages between two people of the same sex.

Bishop John Chapman of Ottawa said that gay couples could immediately marry in his diocese.

About 1.6 million Canadians self-identify as Anglican, making the ACC the nation's third largest church after the Roman Catholic Church and the United Church of Canada.

Conservatives opposed to the resolution predicted an exodus from the church over the issue.