Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality last week accused black leaders of “selling out” to the gay rights movement, which he described as a “liberal cult.”

LaBarbera, whose group's mission is “countering the homosexual activist agenda,” made his comments during an appearance on the Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show.

On the program, he described the African-American community as having been “infested” with “secular socialism.”

Guest host and fellow anti-gay activist Matt Barber agreed.

“The blacks are a noble people, certainly, and there are many … Bible-believing Christians who are offended and disgusted by these illegitimate comparisons between mutable, changeable, deviant behaviors, homosexual behavior, and immutable, neutral characteristics such as skin color,” Barber said, adding that “black leaders have completely sold out to the radical LGBT lobby and are complicit in making these illegitimate comparisons” between the LGBT rights movement and the Civil Rights movement.

“Yeah, the sellouts keep growing, Matt,” LaBarbera said. “You know, I sort of see this as a liberal cult, this homosexual revolution. Everybody’s joining it who, you know, who’s basically gotten rid of their Christian understanding of the world. They’ve just rejected God. It’s an anti-God movement.”

LaBarbera went on to confuse transgender people with drag queen.

“[L]et’s remember the gay revolution started with transgenders. It was drag queens at that Stonewall bar who started throwing bottles and such at the police. And so we’re in a cult here. It’s a liberal cult. And a lot of corporate America has bent the knee, and many, many people, I think you once said, Matt, you think over half the evangelical Christians will accommodate themselves to this sin movement, and I fear you’re right,” he added.