Writer-activist Dan Savage appeared Wednesday on MSNBC, where he criticized Donald Trump's claim that he was better on LGBT rights than Hillary Clinton.

Trump on Wednesday criticized his Democratic rival for accepting donations to the Clinton Foundation from countries such as Saudi Arabic that criminalize gay sex.

“For the gays out there, ask the gays and ask the people,” Trump said during a rally in Atlanta. “Ask the gays what they think and what they do in not only Saudi Arabia, in many of these countries with the gay community. Let's ask. Then you tell me: Who's your friend, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”

“They want to enslave women. As far as the gay community, they kill gays. And she's taking money,” he added.

“We're not gonna fall for it,” Savage told MSNBC host Chris Hayes. “You can't draw a clean line between the LGBT community and the Muslim community because there are LGBT Muslims in the United States and all over the world.”

“Muslims are part of the LGBT community, not distinct from it. LGBT people come from all races, all faiths, all ethnic backgrounds, all classes. And Donald Trump attempting to pit the queer community against the Muslim community is not going to fly. We don't believe him,” he added.

Trump's comments come just days after he attended an Evangelical convention where he vowed to “uphold marriage and family,” understood to mean opposition to marriage equality.