Ukraine held its first major LGBT Pride march on Sunday.

According to the AP, about 1,000 people marched surrounded by tight security in the capital Kiev.

Despite threats of violence, the event was peaceful. The AP reported that “several thousand” police officers were dispatched to protect marchers.

“I'm here to support human rights as well as LGBT rights,” an unidentified woman told the AFP. “We are showing that the LGBT community have the same rights as everyone else.”

Event organizers thanked the police for their protection.

“The police worked well and ensured we had a safe event,” Anna Sharygina told the AFP. “As far as we know, all of the march participants got home safely.”

Homophobia remains widespread in Ukraine.

“I'm against gay propaganda that these sick people have organized here in collusion with authorities,” Serhly Hashchenko, a 56-year-old father of 12, told the AP. Hashchenko protested the march with a sign that read “Ukraine is no Sodom.” Police said 57 people were detained.

Other nations around the globe held similar marches this weekend, including South Korea, Poland, Italy and Croatia.