Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Thursday spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition summit in Washington, D.C.

Organized by Christian Coalition founder Ralph E. Reed, Jr. the coalition opposes abortion and marriage equality and supports limited government, a strong national defense and Israel.

“It's an honor to speak here today and discuss our shared values,” Trump said. “I'd like to thank all of the wonderful Christian leaders and Christian voters who have supported me. We've had tremendous support.”

“Here we are and here are the goals, and I thought I'd put some of these together, and I did it just the other night because of this meeting, and I wanted it to come from me, from my heart.”

“We want to uphold the sanctity and dignity of life. Marriage and family as the building block of happiness and success. So important,” Trump said to a warm round of applause.

Trump's speech was disrupted by protesters opposed to his immigration stance. “Refugees are welcome here,” one of the protesters yelled, while others held signs that read, “Dump Trump.”

The demonstrators were quickly removed from the event. Trump called the protesters “professional agitators.”