Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto this week explained why he proposed legalizing same-sex marriage throughout Mexico.

Last month, Pena Nieto proposed amending the Mexican Constitution to reflect a Supreme Court decision that struck down state marriage bans as unconstitutional.

“On May 17th, I presented a series of initiatives that promote equality,” Pena Nieto wrote in a The Huffington Post op-ed. “Most notably, the package includes a proposal that establishes in our Constitution the right to marry, independently of gender identity or sexual orientation. This is in line with last year’s ruling by our Supreme Court of Justice, which determined that outlawing same-sex marriage was indeed discriminatory.”

“Because individual States are not automatically bound by this particular ruling, only a change to the Constitution can guarantee every person’s full marriage rights, regardless of where in our territory they choose to exercise them. It was thus a suitable time to announce these initiatives, which arose out of my government’s and my own personal conviction, to advance toward a more inclusive society. The overall goal is to achieve a Society of Rights in which all Mexicans are guaranteed equal rights under the law.”

“Building a Society of Rights means there is no room for first- and second-class citizens,” he concluded.” “It means choosing inclusion over discrimination. It means creating unity from diversity.”