Director Lilly Wachowski, who recently came out transgender, will take a break from the LGBT-inclusive Netflix series Sense8.

“Lilly needed to take some time off,” Jamie Clayton, who plays transgender hacktivist Nomi Marks on the show, told BuzzFeed News.

Lilly's sister, director Lana Wachowski, will take over the reigns of the show's second season.

“Lana is absolutely a superwoman,” Clayton said. “The way she channels her energy and her creativity … it keeps me in absolute awe whenever I'm in her presence. She is an absolute force.”

Lana Wachowski came out transgender in 2012.

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The Wachowskis are the creative force behind such hit films as Bound and the Matrix trilogy.

Lilly Wachowski made her first public appearance in April.

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