In a recent interview to help promote Queen's upcoming European tour, drummer Roger Taylor said, referring to Adam Lambert, that Queen needs a great singer.

Queen + Adam Lambert kicks off its tour in Cologne, Germany on Friday, May 27.

Guitarist Brian May said that he felt “privileged” that the band is going strong.

“I feel so privileged that we can still do this,” May said. “We spend half our lives building this legacy of songs and contact with an audience, and we can still be out there and doing it. And it's wonderful that we have Adam... You need an extraordinary figurehead, and we do have it in Adam. So it's a gift from God. I call him a gift from God.”

“To be able to put on a big spectacular show … we need a great singer to put over those songs and this guy is a great singer,” Taylor said, pointing to Lambert.

“And there's amazing music to sing,” Lambert added. “And they all kind of satisfy a different kind of emotion. … I think Who Wants To Live Forever has this drama to it. The Show Must Go On has this drama. I think Somebody To Love is like as a person I could relate to it very well, 'cause,” he said with sobbing noises.

Lambert last year released his third studio album, The Original High.