A bill that would broaden Massachusetts laws banning discrimination in public accommodations to include gender identity cleared the Massachusetts Senate on Thursday.

The Senate voted overwhelmingly (33-4) in favor of the measure.

“It is our responsibility to advance these provisions when there is clear evidence that transgender people can and are being discriminated against,” Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, a Democrat, told BuzzFeed News before the vote.

The legislation now heads to the House, where it is expected to pass.

Jennifer Levi, transgender rights project director at GLAD, applauded the vote.

“This is an incredible moment,” she said in a statement. “And we got here through years of steadfast work by transgender people, family members, allies, businesses, faith leaders, and community organizations.”

“We have every chance to pass this bill this year, to ensure fair and long-overdue protections for transgender people, and to make Massachusetts a leader once again in achieving equality for all,” Levi added.

While Republican Governor Charlie Baker has said that he believes that “no one should be discriminated against based on gender identity,” he has yet to say whether he'll sign the bill into law.