Televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday explained how gay rights destroy societies.

Robertson made his comments after a The 700 Club segment on conservative activists in the republic of Georgia who accuse the United States and the European Union of attempting to force Georgia to accept such rights, including marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples.

Robertson said that America's commitment to LGBT rights abroad is putting the nation at risk.

“The truth is, from what we understand in history, there hasn’t been one nation in the history of the world that has openly embraced [the] homosexual lifestyle and begun to practice the homosexual lifestyle that has endured,” Robertson told viewers. “Every one of them has gone down. Every single one of them. Once rampant homosexuality takes place, then people don’t take care of their children. They aren’t concerned about the next generation. They’re concerned about physical pleasure and the activities surrounding this lifestyle. They aren’t planning for the future and the country goes to pot.”

“Right now it’s kind of in the balance, it’s kind of interesting, but the fact that the European Union and the U.S. [are] trying to impose this lifestyle on a little country like Georgia that wants to stay orthodox is incredible.”

“You look at the Book of Revelation and it says, ‘Mystery Mother of Harlots, you have made the world drunk with the wine of your fornication.’ And you say, who is that ‘mystery woman?’ Well, more and more, this great nation of ours, the U.S. of A, is becoming – to take on that role. I don’t know if we intend to but that’s what’s happening. We’re making the nations drunk with the wine of our fornication and God brings judgment on a country that does that,” he added.