Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday criticized the federal government for its attempts to prohibit transgender discrimination.

After airing a segment on the Department of Education's efforts, Robertson called the push for transgender protections “crazy” and likened it to a Satanic plot to undermine America's Judeo-Christian values.

“Why do we make it a big cause celebre? Why do we fight about it? Why does the Justice Department get involved? Why does the federal government come in with mandates?” Robertson rhetorically asked his The 700 Club viewers.

“It's the constant driving of the agenda of anti-Christian bias. We're going to destroy any semblance of the Christian morality that exists in our country and our government is going to be at the forefront of it. That's what you're looking at. It's one more attempt by the so-called progressives to destroy the Judeo-Christian fabric of America.”

Robertson repeated the claims of opponents, saying that such measures “turn loose” a “voyeur who likes to look at little girls with no clothes on.”

“The devil is obviously fighting at one particular place,” he continued. “It's not that there are a lot of people being discriminated against, they aren't.”

Americans, he added, are “furious” because “they don't want this so-called progressive agenda being jammed down their throats.”