Former Pennsylvania Senator Harris Wofford on Sunday announced that he's marrying a man.

Wofford, 90, announced his upcoming nuptials to Matthew Charlton, 40, in a The New York Times op-ed.

The wedding comes almost 20 years after his wife Clare's death from acute leukemia.

In “Finding Love Again, This Time With a Man,” Wofford wrote that he doesn't categorize himself “based on the gender of those [he] love[s].”

“I had a half-century of marriage with a wonderful woman, and now am lucky for a second time to have found happiness.”

Wofford said that he met his future husband on a Florida beach in 2001.

“We both felt the immediate spark, and as time went on, we realized that our bond had grown into love, he said. “Other than with Clare, I had never felt love blossom this way before.”