Actor Sean Maher casually announced this week that he had married his partner of over a decade.

“I sit here and Tweet,” he tweeted. “Check my profile. Still pretty much the same. Oh... but I changed 'Partner' to 'Husband'. Cus that happened.”

The 40-year-old Maher, who is best know for his role as Simon Tam in the television series Firefly and movie Serenity, came out gay in 2011.

Maher and his husband Paul (surname unknown) are raising two children, daughter Sophia Rose born in 2007 and son Liam Xavier born in 2010.

Shortly after his public coming out, Maher told gay glossy The Advocate that his father suggested therapy for him to “cure” his sexuality.”

“My dad slipped me the number of a priest and said, 'This is for people like you so you can be happy again.' I said, 'Dad, what don't you understand? I'm finally happy.'”

Maher also played a closeted gay man on The Playboy Club, which NBC canceled after airing only 3 episodes, and “the Bastard Prince” in the Joss Whedon-directed film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.