In praising passage of an anti-gay bill in Mississippi, Christian conservative Bryan Fischer claimed that civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. would embrace the law.

House Bill 1523, signed into law Tuesday by Republican Governor Phil Bryant, allows companies to deny services or goods for the “celebration or recognition of any marriage, based upon or in a manner consistent with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction.” It also protects individuals who believe that a person's sex is “objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth.”

Fischer praised the law as “outstanding” and the “best in the nation law protecting religious liberty.”

“This is a bill that provides religious protection from heterophobic bigots,” he said.

Civil rights groups, Fischer told his radio listeners, “oughta love this thing.”

“Martin Luther King, Jr. was all about protecting rights of conscience,” Fischer said. “That's what drove him, the right of conscience and protecting the right of conscience. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be ecstatic with this bill. He would love this bill.”

Writing at Right Wing Watch, Kyle Mantyla called Fischer's claim “laughable.”

“Apparently, Fischer thinks that King was organizing and protesting not to end racial discrimination but rather in favor of the right of whites to openly discriminate against blacks in the name of 'conscience,'” Mantyla wrote.