Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, a Republican, refused to say Friday whether he'll sign a so-called religious freedom bill into law that broadly protects opponents of marriage equality.

House Bill 1523 cleared the House with a 69-45 vote on Friday, two days after the Senate passed it 32-17. While Republicans control both chambers, overturning a veto would not seem possible under those margins.

“I haven't gotten to it yet,” Bryant told reporters. “As soon as it gets to us, we'll look at it and decide.”

“I'm going to look at it like I do every piece of legislation and as soon as I make that decision, I'll let you know,” he added.

House Bill 1523 would protect individuals – a broad category which could include certain businesses – who act on their religious objections to marriage equality and transgender people. It would protect people who believe that “sexual relations are properly reserved” for married heterosexual couples and that a person's sex is “objectively determined by anatomy and genetics at time of birth.”

Final passage came a day after a federal judge struck down Mississippi's ban on adoption by gay couples.

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More than 100 business leaders have called for repeal of a similar bill in North Carolina.

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