Out singer Adam Lambert described the late David Bowie as “the icon of the outsider” in an interview this week with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Lambert, who performs Friday in Las Vegas, expanded on his admiration for how Bowie handled gender roles.

“I definitely think that he was ahead of his time,” Lambert said. “You know, that’s why it was interesting to see so many artists respond to his death, so many young, contemporary artists beyond that generation. I just think that he wasn’t always doing what was popular, and that takes a lot of guts and a lot of bravery. To me, that’s what he kind of represents, a brave artist that was willing to go against the grain. And I think that inspired a lot of artists to come, but also inspired a lot of regular people, people that might have felt like outsiders. I think he was sort of the icon of the outsider for very many people.”

“Well, obviously Queen,” Lambert answered when asked about the '70s rock that inspired him.

“Queen was huge for me. You know, I just became really enthralled with the whole glam rock thing.”

“So Queen, Bowie, Slade, Velvet Underground, T-Rex, I mean you name it, I was very infatuated with that. And then bigger artists that came out of that, you know people like Prince and Michael Jackson and George Michael, you know, artists that were still very fashionable and fabulous but were putting out a different kind of music,” Lambert added.