Social conservative Linda Harvey is calling on sports fans to boycott the NFL and NBA over their opposition to anti-LGBT bills passed in Georgia and North Carolina.

In a column titled Will GOP Run or Stand Against Pink Goliath?, Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America, says it's “time for some boycotts, sports fans.”

“What happened to real men in pro sports?” Harvey rhetorically asked. “Or are their spiteful lesbian lawyers calling the shots? Time for some boycotts, sports fans.”

“[W]ay too many RINO Republicans yield to 'sextremists' under growing pressure from business, Hollywood and professional sports.”

Harvey repeated the false claim that allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that they identify with harms children.

“Gender confusion is not everyone else's problem. It's your problem. It is not the responsibility of the world to rearrange itself to hide mental illness. And while we should extend compassion to such confused people, our tolerance ends at the normalization of instability and perversion, and risk to children,” she wrote.

“Disney, Marvel and Viacom said they wouldn’t make films in Georgia if the bill became law. The NFL was hinting that Atlanta wouldn’t be considered to host a future Super Bowl if the bill became law. Where are the real men? Come on, players; you don’t all agree with this position by the league! Someone speak out and say so,” she added.